Gregory Alan Norton attending a United Steelworkers local union meeting.
    Gregory Alan Norton's short story publication credits include The Princeton Arts Review, George and Mertie's Place, Tarpaulinsky, whimperbang, Rockford Review, Nebo, Missing Spoke Press Anthology, Struggle, Writer's Corner, Oyez Review, Short Story Bimonthly, Slugest, Jack the Daw, Mobius, Thunder Sandwich, Cooweescoowee, and Plum Biscuit. Poetry credits include The Chicago Seed and New American Movement Newspaper. His book of short stories, The Infinity of Days in the Psychotic Atomik Empire is available now via Plain View Press in Texas. The book is also available at A review by literary critic, Barbara Foley, can be found at Reconstruction.

     In addition, his novel,
There Ain't No Justice, Just Us (ISBN 0-7388-0004-X) is available at Amazon. com where it has received great reviews.

     Norton has been an activist in the civil rights, peace, and labor movements.  He served as an organizer and newspaper editor for the United Steelworkers and has served in other unions as
well. Before moving to Chicago's Uptown neighborhood, his family came from Pays des Illinois, specifically that part of Old Upper Louisiana around Vincennes, Indiana. Born into the Vincennois community, he is a French American writer with relatives on both sides of the Atlantic.