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Barbara Foley’s analysis of Struggle Magazine and the group of proletarian writers...

We finally located the long lost Barbara Foley’s analysis of Struggle Magazine that was originally published in Reconstruction, an academic cultural and history magazine that appeared online for a number of years. It’s not clear if Reconstruction folded or what happened. The key take away for us was saving the Struggle analysis.

Foley is one of the preeminent critics/historians who has done much cultural work on American writers. Her recent books include Marxist Literary Criticism Today and Radical Representations: Politics and Form in US Proletarian Fiction. The piece that we rescued also has commentary on revolutionary poet Tim Hall who organized the helped gain the notice for the magazine which he edited. A wide group of writers, young and old followed Struggle and one of the most productive years in my life was spent following each in succession as we produced a writers’ group with fresh monthly output. Other writers included Paris Smith, who is also an accomplished musician.

We have republished the review with my book, There Ain’t No Justice, Just Us because I’m mentioned in there as well. If you click on the book title then reviews, it should roll up. What an honor to be recognized among so many proletarian talents. I think anyone in our group could be tagged as one of Gramsci’s “organic intellectuals” of the working class. And as such refute such non-sense as Trotsky’s who said there was no such thing as working class art or culture. What a fucking insult.

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