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New Book!

Meditations, Magic, and Manslaughter published as an e-book

Published Meditations, Magic, and Manslaughter as an e-book today. It’s the second book in the Series The Elevated Train to Utopia. The first book in the series has the same title and serves the first book in Dreaming the Big Dream in the Magic Megadeath Century as well. It’s a little odd having a book sit in that position heading off fiction that leads off in two directions, a trilogy and a book series. The Elevated Train to Utopia is a full novel. The other books in the series including Meditations are novellas.

Publication was slowed during the “find a book artist” phase of publication. I thought an illustration would be the best cover. An illustration of a robot let loose by a mediation session. However, illustrations are expensive, and we had to fall back on a more cut and paste cover. What we came up with was dynamite. Even if you don’t plan on buying the book for $1.99, definitely go check out the cover at Smashwords.

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