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Actualizado: 16 feb 2021

Hey, I finally got the e-book version (Kindle Edition) of An Infinity of Days in the Psychotic Atomik Empire published. One production problem after another fell into place including a last minute cover art problem. But, we’re over the hump now. At the moment, this second edition of the book is now available for $4.99. For those of you who can wait, while we figure out how to offer it for free for 30 days, we should be able to do that fairly quickly. We did notice, however, that people were inexplicably buying it for the $4.99 price tag.

One gallant follower/reader, Dean the Wizard, couldn’t wait, and re-read the print edition. He promptly informed me that the book had typos and in places seemed to be missing the bank of asterix symbols * * * * that denotes time has passed in the textual narrative. I assured him that was one of the reasons the second edition came into being – along with some story revision and improvement. Apparently he wanted to be able to sit in the front row when other supporters went after me intellectually on some of the stories.

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